We Make Stuff Happen (‘WMSH’) is an exciting creative production company that specialises in experiential marketing, branding, festivals, outdoor event production and PR stunts, to name a few. Essentially they do what they say on their tin! Whether you want to build a giant sandcastle to promote a new finance product, roll a giant egg down Ben Nevis to promote your particular
brand of chocolate, or ‘simply’ switch on the Xmas lights on Oxford Street –WMSH are the guys for the job.


The Pandemic hit us all extremely hard. Sadly, many events and production companies weren’t able to weather the storm. We are proud to say that we have been able to help WMSH work through
the challenges of 2020, which we have done by maintaining strong relationships with potential partner agencies, making sure that they knew WMSH were still in business, and exploring different
ideas with them in order to keep the wheels turning.


We have developed a large pipeline of relationships and potential opportunities for WMSH, which we continue to nurture and progress. This has led to new campaigns with well-known brands such as Dulux and Iceland, and with the Government’s Coronavirus roadmap firmly underway, we are excited about the prospect of more outdoor event projects soon coming to fruition.

Our thoughts on Bluestone:

“James and Duncan’s support throughout the last year has been invaluable. The new contacts they brought in generated work when we needed it most and will provide the foundations for our
recovery. They kept conversations going with both new and existing clients so we’d remain front of mind, allowing us to focus on running the business and avoid stagnating.”

JD BRACKNELL Co-founder at We Make Stuff Happen

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