Space is in the business of solving brand, and quite technical communications, problems for finance companies. Bluestone solves business development problems for brand and technology consultancies – so we knew we’d be a good fit for one another. With decades of combined financial expertise and a unique ability to cut through finance jargon, Space works with many of the leading FS brands, including Lloyds, BNP Paribas and Santander.


Whist Space are exceptionally good at what they do, their challenge is starting new relationships. This is a particularly tough sector, with many of the larger organisations being difficult to penetrate and having complex supplier engagement processes. Just getting conversations with the right decision makers has required carefully planned and delivered campaigns, involving continual content marketing and social selling. The bottom line is we’ve had to sell the ‘benefits of the conversation’ before getting the conversation.


We’ve enjoyed building a great relationship with the team at Space and are delighted that, after a lot of hard work and persistence, they are starting to see the rewards, with business meetings in the diary and new customers joining their ‘already impressive’ client portfolio.

Our thoughts on Bluestone:

“For some time, Bluestone have been helping us to build brand awareness and open the doors to some exciting companies in a tough sector (finance) – in particularly tough times. They have a super-transparent model with regular reporting that enables us to see exactly how our campaign is performing in real time. Since engaging with Bluestone, we have taken on a new customer which has already covered the cost of their services.”

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