Partnership opportunities.

Do your clients ever ask you for support with business development or lead generation?

Whether they need to get meetings with prospective customers, book people on to their events, or have any other outbound marketing needs that you are unable to fulfill in house, we can help.

As your go-to business development partner, we can mobilise and scale up at very short notice, and very cost-effectively compared to most of the larger outbound contact centers.

It’s a great opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with your client and potentially provide additional revenue streams for your business.

For one of our clients (a leading UK investment bank) Q1 is typically a very busy time, with multiple corporate events planned over the months of January and February. This year, they over-exceeded themselves and having booked several venues realised that they had a shortfall in attendees.

At exceptionally short notice, Bluestone was able to put an experienced team in place to promote the benefits of the events to a list of IFAs; an exercise which resulted in an additional 40 attendees and a return of £1.3m in sales.

Matt Broekhuizen, Managing Director, Table19

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