BOOST™ B2B lead generation.

Are you ready to BOOST™ your leads?

Sometimes when you have the in-house sales capabilities, you just need a little BOOST™.

If you already have in-house sales people but would like more leads for them to follow up on, then you might like to try our BOOST™ B2B lead generation system.

BOOST™ is the email marketing engine that powers our business development machine. It enables us to create brand awareness for our Clients and engage with key influencers and decision makers. It generates intros and referrals within organisations, and provides weekly lists of pre-engaged prospects, prioritised by levels of engagement.

We don’t bombard people with emails, we just send them occasional nudges, sharing high value and relevant content, and reminding them that you are here and can solve their problems when the time comes.

We know how irritating unwanted emails can be, so we take great care to follow email marketing best practice and GDPR guidelines at all times, and work with you on email content as much as is required.

Our BOOST™ B2B lead generation service includes:

 Data screened for GDPR compliance

 Email content strategy and consultation

 Short, personalised emails sent to your prospects, monitored daily for performance and GDPR compliance

 Positive email responses from pre-engaged influencers and decision makers sent directly to your inbox

 Weekly reports sent to you showing email stats, opens and clicks

Weekly lists of warm prospects, prioritised by levels of engagement, forwarded directly to you

 Unsubscribers and negative responses managed through your CRM

Hard bounces identified and updated in your CRM, ready for removal or validation

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