Business development.

For the past five years, we have fine-tuned our business development model for small businesses and it has delivered amazing results.

Through our unique approach, we have generated new business opportunities that have led to millions of pounds of new business for our Clients.

If you have a salesperson in house, we can work in tandem with them, feeding them a regular flow of leads and opportunities. If not, we can operate as a fully outsourced business development team, armed with all the tools and skills needed to put you in front of your prospective client base.

Either way, we offer a highly effective, low-risk solution to help you win new business. This could be to bridge an immediate gap in your sales and marketing output, or to become an ongoing extension of your sales arm.

Many of our long-term Clients take us on initially as a trial, then decide to keep us on board when they see how effectively we work with them.

There are three core components to our business development service:

1. Front-end lead generation

Our BOOST™ lead generation system enables us to engage with the right people in companies and organisations that are the right fit for your value proposition. Once the initial engagement has been passed on to our business development team, they develop relationships and uncover opportunities with real convertible value. What you get at the end of this is a date in the diary with a qualified and engaged decision maker to discuss the business opportunity.

2. Post opportunity support

After you’ve met with the prospect, we help you turn them into a customer. We attend early stage meetings with you, support you with proposals, re-engage with prospects after initial meetings have taken place, and help you in any we can to nudge business over the line.

3. Transparent reporting

The key to the success of every campaign (and the thing that binds 1 & 2 together) is our reporting structure. All of our business development campaigns are managed through web-based CRMs, which means you get real-time reports showing your data movement, pipeline development and new business opportunities. Every opportunity has a rating attached to it, so you can gauge how much preparation work to do before you meet the prospect. We also provide regular statistical reports for our clients, hold weekly client meetings, and our team is always on stand-by if you need us to action anything at short notice.

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