About us.


Times have changed for business decision makers.

These days, companies know what they want, when they want it and where they are going to get it. As marketers we are faced with a real challenge: how do we influence and engage with new prospective customers and uncover real business opportunities?

Bluestone B2B was set up with a unique business model and process designed to tackle this challenge. Working closely with small businesses, consultancies, agencies and their clients, we help them to engage with major household brands and other SMEs, using a tried and tested business model.

Our senior business development team has more than 65+ years of combined experience across a variety of sectors that include marketing, publishing, technology, consultancy and education. Our approach has been fine-tuned over the years to ensure optimum return on investment for our Clients.

The opportunities that we have uncovered have resulted in millions of pounds worth of new business, which is why most of our Clients keep us on board as their ongoing business development partner.

More than 0 years of combined experience.

Why we do what we do

The thing that gets our juices flowing is the end-game!

When a Client converts one of our opportunities and sees a return on their investment, we know we have cracked it. We don’t charge commission; our focus is purely on increasing our Clients’ bottom line through high quality business opportunity and collaboration. If we can do this, then we know our relationship with them will be a long-lasting and enjoyable one.

We are all about developing relationships; relationships with our Clients, relationships for our Clients. With all of our Clients we have a mutual respect for one another, working together as business partners. We all want the same things from our business partnership; those are, primarily, compatibility and success. Our team works very hard to continuously achieve this.

As an organisation, our values are ingrained in our culture and reflected in our work each and every day:

  • Integrity and ethical values
  • Direct open and honest communication
  • Strong client relationships
  • Service quality and reliability
  • People as the source of our strength
  • Passion for helping clients grow their business
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